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Wassyoi Taiko Matsuri

Project details

Creating a new festival cherishing Japanese spirit.

In 2010, “Wassyoi Taiko Matsuri” started under the sponsorship of JCI Nagoya with the idea of creating a new festival that develops Japanese spirit.

Many citizens have built relationship with each other through several practices, and on the real stage, team members unite their hearts to produce the sounds of the Taiko drums that cheer the city up.

In addition, the drum performances by amateur teams are one of the highlights. You can feel the excitement of the Taiko spirit and excellent skills through the competition.

By looking back over the cultures and traditions that we have inherited from our predecessors, this project is contributing for stimulating the local community.

This project involving many citizens has received wishes from many people, and it has been managed by “Wassyoi Taiko Matsuri Implementation Committee” since 2013.