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Projects originated with JCI Nagoya

Nagoya City Marathon

The Nagoya City Marathon has become one of the city’s popular events with more than 15000 runners every year.

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Wanpaku Sumo Tournament in Nagoya

Through sumo wrestling, young children learn the joy of winning, the vexation of losing, how to be thoughtful to the others, and importance of politeness.

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Boys and Girls Chorus Chikyugumi

It is a chorus group of boys and girls and their families that live in Nagoya and the suburbs. Practices and concerts take place regularly.

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Nagoya KETTA Festival

This event was organized in 2002 as one of projects of JCI Nagoya, and it gave an opportunity to start a new movement for town development.

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MEIYO Club Day Camp

On this project, schoolchildren placed in foster homes in Nagoya can enjoy day camps with volunteers who are of their parents’ generation.

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Higashiyama Kids Guide

Schoolchildren from 4th grade to 6th grade learn about animals in Higashiyama zoo and guide the visitors. This activity is aiming to enhance consciousness of the regional contribution.

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Wassyoi Taiko Matsuri

Wassyoi Taiko Matsuri started under the sponsorship of JCI Nagoya with the idea of creating a new festival that develops Japanese spirit.

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Shiromainagoya ~ Let’s learn more about Nagoya! ~

Schoolchildren from 3rd grade to 6th grade study about history of Nagoya and the Nagoya castle, and they attend on visitors as guides.

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