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MEIYO Club Day Camp

Project details

We produce the day that schoolchildren in foster
homes are filled up with love from adults.

“MEIYO Club Day Camp Implementation Committee” was inaugurated in 1992 as a project of JCI Nagoya.

“MEIYO Club Day Camp Implementation Committee” has operated events since 1994.

This project is targeting schoolchildren living in 13 foster homes in Nagoya, and the children can enjoy a day camp with volunteers who are of their parents’ generation.

The reasons of why children have to live in the foster homes have changed according to changes of the social situations. However, the pureness of children’s heart in the foster homes has never changed.

For those children with pure hearts, we have set a day to fill up their lonely hearts with love from adults.

At the closing ceremony, we promise children to meet next year again. To keep the promise, this event has been and will be continued every year.