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Nagoya KETTA Festival

Project details

We produce the day that schoolchildren in foster
homes are filled up with love from adults.

Participants include not only boys and girls but also nursery school children and adults that live in Nagoya city and the neighboring area, and they practice singing together.

Those who sing well, those who cannot sing well, those who sing aloud, those who sing faintly, those who are physically challenged, those who are mentally challenged, those who are from different countries, those who like studying, those who don't like studying, and those who sing off key…children and adults living in various environments are among fellow members.

By joining this program, children will refine the sensibilities and build good relationship with the others, and learn how to approve and help each other, and become conscious of other people as their fellows living together on the earth.

Meanwhile, adult members will not only take a role of supporting young children but also will be motivated to become a leading model as a “global minded person”.

These important messages will be widely spread to the public through concerts they perform.