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The 70th Slogan

Let's create sustainable Nagoya !!


公益社団法人 名古屋青年会議所 第70第理事長 光田 侑司 公益社団法人 名古屋青年会議所 第70第理事長 光田 侑司

We think that the greatest difficulty we will experience in the future is the declining birthrate and the accompanying super-aging society.
It is anticipated that this situation will continue to some extent, and it is difficult to maintain a sustainable society.
We are creating a sustainable city for the children of the future, as our grandparents and parents have done, with a sense of ownership, without running away.
I think we have to do it. Therefore, the slogan for this year was "Let's create sustainable Nagoya !!" As a step toward steadily solving the major problem of declining birthrate, we want to plant seeds that create sustainable Nagoya

In order to create sustainable Nagoya, we believe that it is necessary to create new value by cooperating with all partners in the three elements of economy, human resources, and international.

The term "economy" is derived from the word "Kingsei Jinmin", which appears in Chinese classics, meaning to go through the world and save the people. In other words, the essence of the economy is that the essence of all stakeholders and the essential activities of a company are essential for the betterment of the world. In recent years, what activities have meant the meaning of this original economy? It is necessary to clarify the ideal form of economic activity and create many companies that practice it. In addition, labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and securing excellent human resources, will become increasingly difficult. In terms of the simple labor force, while foreign employment is progressing, excellent hiring of foreigners is not yet progressing. In addition, the employment of people with disabilities is progressing little by little, but working conditions have not been improved yet. And women's advancement in society is slower than in other countries. It is necessary to resolve these issues and respond to the coming serious labor shortage and securing excellent human resources.
It is necessary to utilize human resources, which have not been fully utilized at the moment, but we believe that fostering human resources who will play an active role in society in the future is a necessary element for the development of towns and companies. There is a lot of information in society, and it is necessary to judge for yourself whether it is correct or not, and decide the way to go. To do so, it is necessary to learn the background of the problem, identify social issues, and develop human resources who can take action to solve them. Also, it is said that the age of 100 years will come. The traditional model of enjoying the rest of life after retiring after retirement will no longer work, and it will be necessary to continue to engage with society and create a purpose of life while securing income.

In the context of a major demographic change, it is important to be involved with other countries. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held, and this is the year that many foreigners will visit Nagoya. It is also important to increase the number of people involved in Nagoya's communities not only by visiting Nagoya but also through business and by sharing common social issues.

We will create a sustainable town Nagoya by increasing these two populations, the exchanged population who visits the town of Nagoya directly and the related people who are continuously involved in the town of Nagoya.
As a conclusion, citizens, related organizations, and members will have a deep understanding of the movement of the Nagoya Youth Chamber and a great deal of support this year. Thank you very much.

公益社団法人 名古屋青年会議所 第70第理事長 光田 侑司