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In 1950 shortly after the end of the World War II, Koichi Okuma, the first president of the chamber,
and 23 young men stood up under their guiding principles of “We shall never become precocious adults”
and “To respect the process more than the outcome”, and they established Nagoya Junior Chamber,
or later Junior Chamber International Nagoya, in order to achieve the “bright affluent society”.

Establishment prospectus

Our country’s reconstruction can be accomplished only by achieving economic independence, however, there are many obstacles and hardships on the way in front of us.
We young men overcome these obstacles and proceed the thorny path without flinching, and we investigate these challenges with our high-spirits and passion only given to young generations, and make efforts to cultivate our intelligence and moral character.
In addition, we put faith on the power of generous friendship with other young men of all over the world through the Junior Chamber International that connecting junior chambers in many countries, and build-up a close connection with the global economy from the young men’s position.
Through these actions, we think we should try to provide sustainable solutions to achieve the independence of Japan’s economy. Chukyo area has made a central part of our country’s economy ranking with Tokyo and Osaka, and “Nagoya Junior Chamber of Commerce”, the first young business leaders’ association in Japan, was already established in 1935.
However, the association was dissolved into “Wakabakai” because most members exceeded its age limit.
Therefore, newly this time we young men of this region approving of the purpose mentioned above gather together and establish “Nagoya Junior Chamber”, and we try to contribute to the right development of Japan's economy and realization of the world peace.

August, 1950

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